Interning at 3 Birds Marketing


This Spring semester I had the pleasure of interning at 3 Birds Marketing, a customer demand and retention marketing company located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.The privately held, small startup company was founded in 2009 with the mission of helping automotive retailers market to the digital consumer in today’s technologically advanced society. By helping dealerships manage their blogs, online reputation, email marketing, mobile access and more, 3 Birds Marketing leverages the power of technology to engage and convert today’s digital consumers into loyal customers, while simultaneously increasing dealership revenues for its hundreds of automotive clients.

I first heard about 3 Birds Marketing from a friend and fellow UNC-CH student who interned for the company back in the Fall. She spoke highly of her experience there and recommended that I apply for the digital marketing/account management intern position. One online application and one laid-back interview later, I had the job! There were about fifteen other UNC-CH students who also interned at the company throughout the semester.

This internship program proved to be both challenging and insightful into the communications industry as well as the importance of client and consumer relationships. Even though I was an intern, I was given real responsibilities that provided me with measurable results, knowledge, and skills in the marketing industry. One of the most important daily intern tasks was doing online reputation checks on all of 3 Birds Marketing’s hundreds of clients. Doing a reputation check consisted of using The Wire 3.0, the company’s integrated marketing software, to check dealership reviews for each of the clients on each of their social media pages, such as Yelp, DealerRater, and For each positive and negative review I found, i would write up a response to the reviewer and email it to the account manager for its respective automotive client. From this task, I learned the importance of consumer engagement and how it can be leveraged to foster strong business-consumer relationships as well as increase revenue. This work depended on group effort and demanded collaborative work from the interns in order get through the hundreds of social media pages for hundreds of clients listed on our “Reputation Domination” spreadsheet.

Interns at 3 Birds Marketing were also assigned a set list of specific clients for which we were responsible for creating two dealership specific posts (DPSs) on both Facebook and Twitter every week. I was assigned five clients for which I created social media content about their latest events and specials every week. These consumer-targeted posts were aimed at engaging the clients’ target markets, funneling more customers back to the clients’ showrooms and service shops, and creating opportunities for revenue.

In the end, my internship at 3 Birds Marketing helped me gain valuable skills and knowledge that will benefit me in my future career. While I’m still not entirely positive about the exact career I want to have in the marketing/advertising industry, I do know that whatever it is, I want it to involve creativity, collaboration, and consumer interaction—all of which I took away from this experience as an intern at 3 Birds Marketing.


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