Hello Internet,

My name is Alexandra Arteaga. I was born and raised in Nashville, TN, with my 3 other siblings in my loud Cuban/Ecuadorian family. Having grown up in music city, I have a deep appreciation for the music industry and love for attending concerts and music festivals (esp. Bonnaroo – Coachella, I’m coming for you next). I’m an ENFP. I’m always open to spontaneous adventure and experiencing new activities/food/cultures, but am also content with low-key afternoons of Netflix and reading. I’m obsessed with social media and The Skimm. My two favorite movies also, in my opinion, have some the greatest soundtracks of all time: Across the Universe and Dreamgirls. The Beatles are the greatest band to have ever lived. Chips and salsa are hands down the greatest snack food of all time. And I aspire to travel the world one day. So far I’ve made it to Spain, Peru, Nicaragua, Japan and Bermuda – only 191 countries left to go!


I’m a black sheep in a family of doctors, pursuing a degree in Advertising from UNC Chapel Hill. Although I began my college career on the Nursing track, two years into my time here at UNC, I suddenly realized that I wanted to take a more creative and entrepreneurial life track.

*enter the School of Media and Journalism*

I dove head first into my newfound Advertising major, landing an account management internship with 3 Birds Marketing in Carrboro, NC, then a marketing internship with Scratch Music Group up in New York, and then a sales internship with The Odyssey in Chapel Hill. Additionally, I am currently a social media manager for Buzz Rides (a student run transportation business) and La Residence (a local French restaurant for which I have also bartended at for about two years now).

As I continue into my last semester here at UNC, I will use this blog to keep you updated on my personal/professional interests as well as news I find fascinating in the worlds of marketing, music, health and technology.






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