Be Careful What You Post

To all my fellow bloggers out there: be careful what you post.

A 29-year-old millennial rips 25-year-old Yelp employee after complaining about her salary in this blog post (spoiler alert: she also got fired for this).

As a full-time student on the job search before I graduate this coming May and part time bartender, giving up occasional weekend nights in order to make some extra income, I resonate with Stefanie’s story. And I think everyone, especially my fellow second semester seniors, has something they can learn from this story.

  1. In the words of Frank Underwood, “You are entitled to nothing… You build your future.” Jobs, promotions and other opportunities aren’t just handed out like candy on Halloween. If you want something, you have to work hard for it.
  2. Humility is key. Not all aspects of life and work are glamorous. Bartending is more than just pouring beers and making cocktails – it also includes the bar set up, cleaning up spilt drinks, sweeping up the occasional broken glass, turning down the patron who had one too many drink before arriving, staying up until 3am scrubbing down countertops. Yeah these are some not-so-fun aspects, but it’s easy to suck it up and get through these things by focusing on the positive – I love the people I work with, the friendships I’ve made, the crazy things we do to post a funny bar Instagram, the opportunities I’ve had because this job helped me afford them, and more.
  3. Be careful what you post. You can jeopardize your career, reputation and/or personal life with a simple blog post, tweet, status update, etc. When you post something online, you’re creating an image for yourself. The blogs you write, articles you share on Facebook, Tweets you post, etc. all say something about you and are out there for the world to see. Don’t pull a Justine Sacco. Be smart about what you post.

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