Super Bowl + Ads + Science


There’s a good chance your favorite Super Bowl Ad is one of the 5 ads listed in this Adweek article. Researchers used facial recognition technology to reveal which ads received the most response from viewers (in this case, a pool of 3,000 research participants).

The study used Realeyes emotion measurement technology to measure different facial points and categorized responses into emotions such as happiness, confusion, surprise, disgust, sadness and fear. The results are scary accurate. I’m not surprised to see that my personal favorite ad, the Doritos “Ultrasound,” scored 99.2 percent higher than all other ads measured and got 10/10 on retention, engagement and impact. Making the ad even more impressive, it was the only one of this year’s top 10 not to have an animal or celebrity. You can check out all the data here.

Tbh I was surprised to see that Mountain Dew’s disturbing yet surprisingly entertaining Puppy Monkey Baby ad did not make the list. That drew all sort of mixed emotions from my friends and I when we first saw the ad. We cringed, we laughed, we were freaked out.

This study makes me wonder if agencies can leverage this kind of technology to create ads that audiences are guaranteed to not only respond to emotionally but also actionably – to not only entertain consumers but also to compel them to make a purchase. After all, that’s what ultimately makes for an effective marketing campaign. I’m not sure how possible this actually is, but it seems like a pretty good idea to me.


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