The Future of Communication

I began this class with a love/hate relationship with my blog. I’ve never been a fan of blogging. Mainly because I never thought I had anything really important to say. But over the course of this class I’ve come to learn that my ideas as well as my classmates’ ideas are important—whether or not everyone agrees with them—it’s worth reading their blog posts.

One of my latest blog posts was on the topic of “living in the moment.” When I wrote that post, I had the mentality that technology (especially smartphones) are limiting people’s abilities to live in the now and distracting people from reality. People are too busy checking their texts/emails/Facebook notifications/tweets/etc. to appreciate each other’s company. Too busy filming concerts to enjoy the live performance in front of them. Too busy Instagramming their food to just go ahead and eat it… We’ve become a society too reliable on our phones and technology to get through our days without them.

Many of my classmates actually blogged about this topic—so many did that we discussed this topic in one of the following classes. That day, Professor Robinson and the class discussion he led changed my mentality about the negative implications of technology and social media. He taught me to see these things in a more positive light and to understand that social media is not limiting our ability to communicate but rather improving it. We live in an age where people are more interconnected than ever before and documenting and sharing information has never been easier. This idea inspired my final project for this class: a video about the future of social media and communication technologies. Enjoy.

But really, what are your thoughts? From this class I’ve learned that no idea is too far fetched. In Professor Robinson’s words, “predicting the future is an intelligent crapshoot.” Much of the technology that we will use in the future might be things we couldn’t even imagine. 20 years ago, would you have imagined being able to send pictures to friends that would disappear after a few seconds, Skype with someone halfway across the globe, or stream all of your favorite TV shows and movies to any of your devices? Probably not. So go ahead, let your imagination wander. You might just come up with the next best way to stay connected, share information, and make life easier.


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