True Life: I’m a Cord Cutter


I’ve been a cord cutter for about a year now, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to hear of the internet television service, Sling TV. For just $20 a month, you can get a live TV package with 16 channels (including ESPN, AMC, CNN, A&E, The Food Network and more) on all of your devices without needing cable. It’s like Netflix for personalized, live TV. And it’s what’s been missing in my life.

“It’s watching the season finale of your favorite show the moment it airs. It’s the latest episodes of your favorite shows and hot new movies on-demand. It’s ESPN and more without the cable company. No commitment. No cable and no strings attatched. It’s sling and it’s time to TAKE BACK TV.

In her blog post, Lauren posed the question: “Have we finally reached the time when traditional TV is becoming obsolete?” I don’t think it’s become obsolete; however, I do think that online streaming platforms have seriously disrupted the way that people consume video content. In today’s world, the viewers are in more control then ever before. They determine which shows they want to pay to watch whether it’s through cable/Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go/etc, thus, determine which shows get produced. And what people want to pay for is quality: a great user experience, seamless access to content, and personalized service. Personally, I’d be willing to pay for a service like Sling that let’s me watch what I want, when I want. and where I want it. The most appealing quality of the service is that I can access it on any of my devices. The downside: the TV package doesn’t include all of my favorite networks. If Sling were to expand their selection, I foresee it as a very profitable and sustainable television platform in the future.


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