I’ve been off my blogging game for the past week due to an overload of summer internship applications but, alas, I’m back! And my internship search led me to discover something worth sharing with y’all.

Back in 2012, Carter Cleveland publicly launched Artsy, an online platform that catalogs the world’s art (kind of like Google Art Project, but better)—he created this website during his senior year at Princeton University. It’s like the art market and the digital revolution had a baby. And it’s totally transforming the way that art is bought, sold, collected and discovered.

Also, it’s FREE.

One of Cleveland’s goals is to expand the number of people who buy art, making it as easy to buy online as a pair of shoes. Artsy partners with the world’s premier galleries, museums and institutions to bring their fine art to the masses (and their pockets) via the Internet. The site serves as a link between galleries and collectors. Currently, there are 230,000 works available for sale on their website.

“Eventually we’re going to become Amazon for the art world.”

– Carter Cleveland

But this is more than just an e-commerce solution for the art market. It is an educational and informational tool that can help people stay up-to-date on art happenings and events around the world. You can “follow” Artsy’s partnering galleries to receive emails about exhibition openings, new art works, and other art-related news. The site also lets users explore current and past exhibitions at partnering galleries and access online art fair previews.

“Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. We are a resource for art collecting and education.”


Artsy makes this online art world is available at your fingertips with its mobile app. The app allows you to not only browse and buy works but also create “sets,” or personalized collections of art works, from the Artsy database. Personally, the Art History nerd in me loves the idea of being able to have a collection of all my favorite works available to me at the touch of a finger.

I think this app is crucial to Artsy’s success in attracting the masses to the online art market. People are increasingly relying on their smartphones to communicate, search, discover, buy, entertain and more. And Artsy is doing things right by placing itself in consumers pockets (literally).


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