Have You Updated Your Snapchat Today?

I recently posted about how the creation of new app features is what is keeping Snapchat alive, and today the mobile app surprised us with yet another new feature. Although my wish for “GroupSnaps” didn’t come true, the new Discovery feature is truly cool.

Snapchat Discovery creates a mobile storytelling platform for brands like National Geographic, People, CNN, and more to create and share their own content. It works kind of like MyStory in the way that the content refreshes every 24 hours. However, the content ranges from articles to videos to sponsored advertisements and more. Today I was able to watch a 5-minute National Geographic video about a couple in Panama that rescues sloths and release them back into the wild. Then I read “The Bachelor Recap” post on People’s channel to catch up on everything I missed in last night’s episode. And then I read an CNN article on the Northeast’s “blizzard,” which went along nicely with the “Snowpocalypse: Juno” OurStory. The fact that I was able to do all of this on one app speaks for itself.

To those companies that have placed their content and ads on Snapchat, I applaud them. They’re doing things right. These days, going mobile is becoming increasingly important. This article agrees that “for brands to succeed, they must know which platforms their customers use the most.” And that platform is mobile apps. Today in class we discussed how people are relying on their smartphones as the primary device for online access, thus, opening their laptops less and less. If you ask me—I’m a smartphone addict and have my iPhone on me 24/7—companies would be smart to create their own apps and create more mobile content if they want to reach their customers.

My main complaint with Discovery has nothing to do with the new feature itself and everything to do with the fact that the updated version of Snapchat no long allows you to see people’s top 3 snap-friends. That’s right, you can no longer keep tabs on your significant other/crush’s best friends list (*gasp*). People are freaking out.

Thankfully Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, gave us a reason to Keep Calm and Snap On.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.20.40 PM


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