Snapchat Is Here to Stay

As a former Snapchat skeptic turned into an avid user, I agree with Clay when he says Snapchat is not dying, and I share his optimism for the app’s future. I, too, was late to join the Snapchat game. The thought of sending someone a picture or video lasting anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds was a weird and awkward concept to me. If I wanted to send someone a pic/vid I could just text it to them. Why did I need another app for that?

It wasn’t until after being convinced to download the app that I learned to appreciate the true beauty of it. No other social media platform gives you the ability to caption/draw on/add filters to a picture or video that disappears forever once it’s been viewed (unless someone screenshots it.) Thanks to Snapchat, you can send the most unflattering of selfies to your friends, MyStory an obnoxious amount of photos of your pets in a form that is socially acceptable, or create artistic masterpieces and become the Picasso of Snapchat. The possibilities are endless:

IMG_2548               IMG_4137               IMG_4736

Some believe Snapchat won’t last much longer, but as long as Evan Spiegel and his executive team keep updating the app with features such as MyStory, OurStory, Geolocation, and SnapCash (does anyone actually use this?), I believe the app has a long and bright future ahead of it. It has already proved its resilience with my generation so far.

New features are the key to reinvigorating interest in the app and encouraging users to create more content. Who knows what knew features will be added next. I personally would like to see a “GroupSnap” feature that will allow me to create personalized lists of people who I regularly send snaps to. What feature would you like to see?


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