If only I had an app that would…

“We are in the midst of a media revolution,” said Professor Robinson in class the other day. And that’s when it really hit me—I am living in an incredible time where technology is rapidly advancing and transforming the world around us in ways we never thought were humanly possible say thirty-five years ago. Technology is so built into my DNA that I take it for granted how much easier it has made my life today. Thirty-five years ago you could only call people from your home phone to theirs, you had to look up directions on actual paper maps, and if you wanted to look something up you had to go to an actual library and find the information in a book. Honestly, those all sound like painstakingly miserable processes. Fast forward to the age of the smartphone. Now I can call someone almost anywhere and anytime. I have a GPS application that keeps me from getting lost. And if I need to look something up, I just Google it. I have an endless amount of information all at the tips of my fingers. Man, do I have it easy.


Now we face the challenge of trying to make our lives even easier with technology. That’s what people really want. That’s what sells. Especially in the world of phone applications. So I started thinking…what are some ways I could make my life easier through phone apps? Then I made a list.

If only I had an app that would:

…allocate all of my social media messages (email, text, Facebook message, GroupMe, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.) into one inbox to rule them all

…turn my light switches on and off, especially when I’m too tired or lazy to get out of bed (turns out that already exists)

…choose the perfect movie for any occasion, especially on those nights when my friends and I spend more time picking out a movie than actually watching one (at least 5 versions of this already exist)

…let my phone work as a remote control for the TV (and it already exists)

…read my emails and texts to me out loud (this already exists too)

…tell you where someone bought an article of clothing based on a picture

…count your calories for you based off pictures of your food

What I’ve learned from this brainstorming activity:

1) If you have a good idea, there’s a decent chance someone else has already thought of it. A quick Google can answer that for you.

2) My life could have been so much easier had I known about the apps I discovered through writing this.

3) Not everything has been thought of or made yet. If you have a brilliant, original idea, then run with it. It could be “the next best thing.”


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