RE: Google Glass


I love Google as much as a 12-year-old girl loves One Direction, if not more. Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Hangout, Gmail. I love and use them all. So yes, Tess, I get excited about all new things Google.

Even with its imperfections (the most significant being the failure of Google Glass) I still remain a loyal member of the Google fan club. In 2013, I had high hopes for Google Glass. Everything about the product and its capabilities fascinated me—it fully transformed the concept of human-computer interactions. And I was fully convinced that the device was THE future of tech products, and so were the Silicon Valley Tech Gods.

Unfortunately, all the excitement about Google Glass did not translate into a positive market reception for a number of factors, namely its $1,500 price value. The Daily Show hits on a few other key factors that influenced Google Glass’ bust (ie: the “eye-douche” effect).

Maybe 2013 wasn’t ready for Google Glass. But let’s hope the future is. And that future is now. The Wall Street Journal has recently announced that a new and improved version of every “Glasshole’s” favorite wearable tech product will be released later this year. Here’s to hoping that Google learned from their mistakes the first time around and avoids a repeat failure.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Google Glass 2. Coming soon to a tech store near you.


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