Are You a Social Media Addict?


My name is Alexandra Arteaga. I am currently pursuing an Advertising major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am passionate about marketing and entrepreneurship. And I am a social media “enthusiast,” which is basically a nicer term for “addict.” I am constantly on my iPhone—I even sleep with it under my pillow—checking it when I wake up, walk to and from class, wait in line at Alpine, mindlessly pass time if I am alone in public settings, when I am at a red light in my car, before I go to bed, and whenever else I have the urge to be updated on all things social.

If you check your Email, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. first thing when you wake up, and again after your cup of morning coffee, and then again 20+ times throughout the rest of the day, then you’re probably an addict, too. If you’re not convinced, then read this BuzzFeed:

23 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Smartphone.

Still not convinced? Take the Smartphone Abuse Test. I answered “yes” to 13 out of 15 questions. I can confidently accept that I am a true addict.

Social media addiction has been seen as problem for my generation. Some argue that social media causes people to spend more time interacting through technology than in person, creates too much “noise” and overflow of information, or takes away from time spent doing something else equally or more important. However, I’d like to take a more positive outlook on the various benefits that social media offer the world today. Tech platforms and social media tools, when used right, can build your brand, reputation, and ROI. In today’s technologically advancing world, these are tools that traditional businesses cannot ignore and that everyone should be educated about.

This blog is for my class titled Current Issues in Mass Media. Throughout the semester I will share with you readers the various aspects of mass and social media that I find fascinating or intriguing. Enjoy.


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