With Whom Do You Listen?

Let’s take a minute to talk about 3 of my favorite things and how HBO successfully combined them all into an incredible marketing mix: Game of Thrones, Spotify, and Social Media.

In honor of this week’s season six premiere of Game of Thrones, Spotify partnered with HBO to create a website that matches your music taste to a GOT character. You can either share your listening habits or take a short music quiz, and the streaming service will pair you with one of the 31 playlists from the GOT profile, each specifically curated for a GOT character. After taking the quiz, you have the option to share your results on Facebook or Twitter–this is a brilliant marketing strategy if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.11.45 PM.png

I matched with Robb Stark–RIP–his Spotify playlist is filled with alternative punk and rock music, which is quite fitting for his character. Each playlist does an A+ job matching songs to the personality and actions of each GOT individual. Arya Stark’s playlist is full of songs whose titles relate to her perfectly: Rebel Girl, Pretend We’re Dead, A New Kid, This Mess We’re In and more. Another character/song pairing is Joffrey Baratheon and Simple Plan’s I’m Just a Kid. The verse lyrics “I’m just a kid and nobody likes me” could not be more accurate to everyone’s sentiment towards the worst character to ever hit the screen, in my opinion.

I highly recommend all Spotify users and GOT fans to check out these playlists for themselves. Not only are they entertaining, but they’re also a great way to be introduced to new music. Take the Spotify quiz yourself and find out which GOT character you are!


What should you listen to?

S/O to my friend Anna Sale for answering the question so many of us ask ourselves: “What should I listen to?” If you want the answer, check out her post 10 Musicians to Look Out for This Spring on Coulture’s Art & Music blog.

(TY for introducing me to Allan Rayman and all his musical beauty)

I’d like to add a list of 5 more artists you can listen to this Spring. These are ‘afternoon drives with the windows down’ kinds of songs. Turn the volume up & enjoy.


My sister saw their show in New Orleans and insisted that I would fall in love with this band. And she was right. Their music is soulful and makes you catch all the happy feels.

Listen to: Wish I Knew You and Soulfight



This ’70s-style Southern Rock band hails from my hometown, Nashville, TN. I stumbled across them when I was browsing through Spotify one day and have been a fan ever since. Put your headphones on, turn on the volume, and rock on.

Listen to: Out in the Country and Ain’t Gonna Stop



Everything about this New Zealand pop singer is simply cool. Her unique voice, playfully upbeat songs, and eccentric style are truly captivating. You probably recognize her name as she was featured on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know.

Listen to: Warrior and Goldmine



I dare you to listen to this artist’s electropop jams and not dance. It’s impossible.

Listen to: Show Me the Way and Don’t Fuck With My Money



You might recognize this Brooklyn band’s song Come Home from the iPod Touch 4 commercial. This is one of those songs that everyone should have in their music library. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

Listen to: Come Home


Be Careful What You Post

To all my fellow bloggers out there: be careful what you post.

A 29-year-old millennial rips 25-year-old Yelp employee after complaining about her salary in this blog post (spoiler alert: she also got fired for this).

As a full-time student on the job search before I graduate this coming May and part time bartender, giving up occasional weekend nights in order to make some extra income, I resonate with Stefanie’s story. And I think everyone, especially my fellow second semester seniors, has something they can learn from this story.

  1. In the words of Frank Underwood, “You are entitled to nothing… You build your future.” Jobs, promotions and other opportunities aren’t just handed out like candy on Halloween. If you want something, you have to work hard for it.
  2. Humility is key. Not all aspects of life and work are glamorous. Bartending is more than just pouring beers and making cocktails – it also includes the bar set up, cleaning up spilt drinks, sweeping up the occasional broken glass, turning down the patron who had one too many drink before arriving, staying up until 3am scrubbing down countertops. Yeah these are some not-so-fun aspects, but it’s easy to suck it up and get through these things by focusing on the positive – I love the people I work with, the friendships I’ve made, the crazy things we do to post a funny bar Instagram, the opportunities I’ve had because this job helped me afford them, and more.
  3. Be careful what you post. You can jeopardize your career, reputation and/or personal life with a simple blog post, tweet, status update, etc. When you post something online, you’re creating an image for yourself. The blogs you write, articles you share on Facebook, Tweets you post, etc. all say something about you and are out there for the world to see. Don’t pull a Justine Sacco. Be smart about what you post.


Today my ears were blessed with the most beautiful sound since Beyonce’s Formation.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.22.54 PM.png

I also finally gave in and subscribed to Tidal because Kanye is worth it. The Life of Pablo. After listening to the album non-stop, I have deemed Famous (ft. Rihanna), Waves (ft. Chris Brown) and I Love Kanye as my top favorite songs (in that order).

But I would have to say that my favorite part of the entire album is this line from Feedback: “name one genius that ain’t crazy”

That reminds me of Apple’s 1997 commercial “The Crazy Ones.” The commercial is an ode to “the crazy ones…the misfits…the rebels…the troublemakers.” It features the likes of John Legend, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Dylan and more. This is easily my favorite ad ever made. It’s captivating, inspiring, simple yet meaningful.

Here, Apply encourages you to Think Different.


“Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Super Bowl + Ads + Science


There’s a good chance your favorite Super Bowl Ad is one of the 5 ads listed in this Adweek article. Researchers used facial recognition technology to reveal which ads received the most response from viewers (in this case, a pool of 3,000 research participants).

The study used Realeyes emotion measurement technology to measure different facial points and categorized responses into emotions such as happiness, confusion, surprise, disgust, sadness and fear. The results are scary accurate. I’m not surprised to see that my personal favorite ad, the Doritos “Ultrasound,” scored 99.2 percent higher than all other ads measured and got 10/10 on retention, engagement and impact. Making the ad even more impressive, it was the only one of this year’s top 10 not to have an animal or celebrity. You can check out all the data here.

Tbh I was surprised to see that Mountain Dew’s disturbing yet surprisingly entertaining Puppy Monkey Baby ad did not make the list. That drew all sort of mixed emotions from my friends and I when we first saw the ad. We cringed, we laughed, we were freaked out.

This study makes me wonder if agencies can leverage this kind of technology to create ads that audiences are guaranteed to not only respond to emotionally but also actionably – to not only entertain consumers but also to compel them to make a purchase. After all, that’s what ultimately makes for an effective marketing campaign. I’m not sure how possible this actually is, but it seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Five years ago, we were riding down Davidson Road in old baby blue. It was springtime and the windows were rolled down. I remember you telling me that you heard a new band you thought I would love. Then you played me this:

And you were right – I did love this song. So much so that The Head and the Heart became one of my favorite bands (and it still is to this day). Every time I hear one of their songs, I think back to that moment. It might seem like such a small and insignificant memory, but it’s one of those little moments that I’ve learned to cherish. Especially now that you’re no longer with us.

Harris, I dedicate this post to you. Thank you for being a part of my life, sharing your great taste in music with me, and for being one of the toughest guys I know – you handled everything life threw at you with the biggest smile on your face. Thank you for being the best of friends to David. Thank you for looking out for Erica at Tulane. The Arteaga’s are gonna miss our “fifth child.” You’ll remain forever in my thoughts and in my heart.

As The Head and the Heart says in their song, you’re “one more for the stars.”